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Our Process

Ease your saddle search with our expert guidance. With 20 years of experience, we specialize in determining the perfect saddle fit for your horse and customizing it to meet your riding needs. Provide us with detailed information about you and your horse, and let us find the ideal model from our extensive range of models.

How it Works

How We Work

Step 01

Submit Saddle Inquiry

We are thrilled to have you explore the endless possibilities with us. To start your bespoke saddlery journey, please share your contact details through our secure form. Once submitted, one of our dedicated team members will be in touch within 24-48 hours to discuss your needs and how we can assist you further. Thank you for choosing Borné Saddlery, and we look forward to crafting the perfect riding experience together.


Step 02

Submit Photos

To ensure the best fit for your saddle, please submit two types of conformation photos of your horse. First, take a photo with your horse standing square, capturing a clear side view. Then, provide a second photo with your horse's back lifted to illustrate the changes in musculature and spine alignment that occur during movement. These images are crucial as they help us understand the dynamic changes your horse undergoes and allow us to craft a saddle that provides maximum comfort and support. Make sure both photos are taken in good lighting to enhance detail and clarity.  *The blue tape in the photos show the saddle area and are not necessary at this stage. Photos should be emailed to:, or
text 713-504-6812.  We accept jpg files not to exceed 10-15 MB.

Back Lifted.jpg
Standing Square.jpg

Step 03

Wither Tracing Photo

If you have had your horse's back traced by a saddle fitter within the last 2-3 months, please provide a photo of this tracing. A recent tracing is invaluable as it offers a precise snapshot of your horse's back profile, assisting us in tailoring a saddle that fits impeccably. Ensure that the photo is clear and well-lit to capture all the details of the tracing accurately. This step is crucial for us to better understand the specific contours of your horse’s back, ensuring a perfect saddle fit.  If you do not have a tracing or access to a saddle fitter, please contact us for further instructions: 

Information/Questions should be emailed to Karen Borne:

We are here for you....

Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring the best fit for both rider and horse. Once you provide us with the necessary details about your horse's back and your riding preferences, we will carefully evaluate this information to determine the most suitable tree shape for your saddle. This personalized approach guarantees a tailored fit that enhances comfort, stability, and performance, helping you achieve the best possible riding experience. Trust us to select the perfect tree shape that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Our Process Image - 1.jpg

We will contact you within 24-48 hour


Explore our diverse range of packages, each tailored to meet your unique requirements and preferences.

Custom Classic

Custom Classic saddles offer exceptional quality and craftmanship. These saddles encompass our foundational models tailored for Dressage, Eventing, and Hunter disciplines, available without additional enhancements. Each saddle is crafted to meet high standards of performance and comfort, ensuring both rider and horse excel in their training and competitions.

Starting at $5,000

Design Shop

Design Shop saddles elevate the basic Custom Classic model by incorporating luxurious enhancements to make a bold statement. Adorned with options like sparkling rhinestones, custom exotic leathers, innovative flap designs, and precise laser etching, each saddle is meticulously crafted to reflect the unique style and personality of the rider. These embellishments not only enhance the saddle's aesthetic appeal but also showcase our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and individual expression.

Starting at $6,000

Speciality Saddles

Specialty Saddles are an advanced adaptation of our basic Custom Classic model, designed to meet specific anatomical needs. These saddles feature enhanced pattern requirements tailored for unique challenges such as extra clearance for horses diagnosed with Kissing Spine, customized panels shaped to accommodate specific conformation issues, and seats expertly tailored for rider comfort. Incorporating advanced materials like anti-shock technology embedded in the seat to alleviate back pain, and memory foam for superior comfort, each saddle is engineered to ensure optimal performance and satisfaction for both horse and rider.

Starting at $6,500



Discover answers to the most common questions. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to get in touch with us.

  • How long does it take to receive a custom-made saddle?
    Currently, the average lead time for a custom-made saddle is between 8-12 weeks.
  • What if there's no Saddle Fitter near me?
    No problem! We provide one-on-one assistance to ensure your saddle fitting process is successful, regardless of your location.
  • What is your shipping policy?
    We offer free shipping on all saddle purchases. If you do not purchase a saddle, shipping charges will be applied to the credit card on file.
  • Is there a trial period for saddles?
    Yes, we offer a 14 business day trial period for our saddles.
  • Can I try a demo saddle before purchasing?
    Absolutely! We encourage you to try a demo saddle to ensure it meets your needs.
  • What is your guarantee policy?
    We provide a 5-year guarantee on saddle trees and a 1-year guarantee against any manufacturing defects in our saddles.
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